Ordering and shipping

Unless the shipping is included, each book here will have shipping options reflecting the total cost of book plus shipping. Depending on where you live you choose one shipping option.

The books will be shipped from the Netherlands. I apologize that the shipping costs are high; this is due to the Dutch postal system that has no sympathy for books.


You can contact me through email. The address is on the right.

Buying several books

If you are ordering several books, note that it is also possible to order by email so that I can check for you if the total shipping cost might be lower because of the combined shipping. It usually is.

Bank transfer

If you live in the European Union and would rather do a bank transfer instead of using Paypal, please email me.

Signed books

If you would like your book signed, please email me or leave a message in the Paypal form when you are placing your order.  

Books not in the shop

Not all of my books are available through this webshop. Contact me if you would like to buy one of my books that you can't find here. A full overview of my books can be found here.

Insurance against lost mail

Unless specified with the shipping options, the books will be sent with regular mail. Regular mail cannot be tracked and I cannot assume responsibility for lost mail. If you prefer insured mail or a courier service, please contact me.